Online Cadet College Entry Test 2021, Solved MCQs, Model Paper 2021

Online Army Cadet College Admission Test Sample Paper
Today we are going to publish a very useful online test for those students who want to get admission in any cadet college of Pakistan. Welcome to our new online cadet college entry test. There are 40 solved MCQs in this online quiz. This test will also work as a model paper for you. We are also going to publish a detailed guide for those students who are seeking admission in any army cadet college. This online admission test has been designed for those students who are seeking admission in class 7 to 9. Generally MCQs about Science, Social Studies, Geography, History, Urdu, Islamic Studies, Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Math, Computer Science and English are added in cadet college admission entry test. Its not an hard and fast rule as different colleges may adopt different pattern and format.


Online Cadet College Entry Test, Solved MCQs, Model Paper

Online Cadet College Entry Test, Solved MCQs, Model Paper


You need to read the prospectus of cadet and military colleges for exact information of any specific entry test. You need to get at least 40% marks in cadet college entry test for booking your seat. Some times negative marking may also affect your score, but in this online cadet college entry test we are not applying the rule of negative marking.


Cadet colleges have very strict admission criteria. Candidates have to clear admission entry test for reserving their seats in any class. Here they have to face cut throat competition in cadet college admission entry test as cream of the Pakistani students appear in such entry tests. It is very important for you to have an idea about pattern and format of cadet college admission. This online cadet college entry test will help you a lot in this regard. We shall soon publish more related online tests for you, so stay in touch with and its facebook page.

1. Name the government department which is responsible to issue national identity cards in Pakistan?


2. Name the first capital of Pakistan?


3. Who wrote Payam e Mashriq (Message from the East)?


4. Name the basic unit of structure and function in living organisms?


5. Name the country which is situated in the North of Pakistan?


6. In how many basic physical states is matter found on earth?


7. What is the square root of 25?


8. Name longest river of Pakistan?


9. PCO is the abbreviation of ______?


10. Who was the first ever President of Pakistan after constituion of 1956?


11. Which one of these is the least common multiple of 3, 9 and 15?


12. Who is national poet and thinker of Pakistan?


13. Name the first Kabbah of Muslims?


14. Complete the series 4, 16, 256


15. What is the basic unit of matter?


16. Almighty Allah sent ______ Holy books?


17. Which Prophet (A.S) of Allah is known as Kaleemullah (the one who spoke to Almighty Allah ) ?


18. Pakistan became republic on _______?


19. Who invented first mechanical computer?


20. 1011+1010+__________=1011+1011+1011, what number will come in the blank to make the equation balanced?


21. When Pakistan won the cricket world cup under the captainship of Imran Khan?


22. When did Pakistan become first Islamic atomic power?


23. Who presented 14 points in 1929 to counter nehru report?


24. Which city is called Manchester of Pakistan due to its textile industries?


25. Which form of verb is used in passive voice?


26. 10001-101=?


27. Akram has bought seven books, the cost of each book was between 30 to 40 rupees. Guess the total cost of the books.


28. Amjad has 918 books. he wants to make packets of books, with 9 books in each packet. how many packets will amjad be able to make?


29. Which come next in this series A, E, I, O__?


30. Who discovered America?


31. When objective resolution was passed?


32. Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was founder of which English monthly?


33. WHO has suggested the name of Pakistan?


34. Which version of windows is most popular at present?


35. Why Abu Al-Asar Hafeez Jalandhari is famous in Pakistan?


36. FA is the abbreviation of __________?


37. How many odd numbers are there from 1 and 99?


38. What is 141 times 11?


39. Which type of tissues are blood and bones?


40. Name the first female Governor in Pakistan?


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