Online Current Affairs 2021 Quiz-Top 30 MCQs For Competitive Exams

Online Current Affairs 2021 Test-Top 30 MCQs For Competitive Exams Like CSS, PMS ETEA, NTS & PCS
Current affairs 2021 MCQs are part and parcel of each and every recruitment test. Every organization and department need multidimensional employees, who are aware of the happenings around the world. You must have general knowledge not only about your field but also about the political happenings in the world. We can not develop just one comprehensive online current affairs quiz as world is changing rapidly, but we can sum up all new important events in a current affairs quiz. We have done this in this online current affairs quiz. Our team daily read almost all newspapers and note the important events for developing current affairs 2021 quiz. We shall try our level best to develop more unique and comprehensive current affairs online quizzes for you.


Online Current Affairs Test-Top 30 MCQs For Competitive Exams

Online Current Affairs Quiz 2o21-Top 30 MCQs For Competitive Exams

In CSS there is a full paper of current affairs, while in combined competitive exam/PMS it is part of general knowledge paper, so it is very important for you to have full command over current affairs if you really want to sit in any competitive exam or recruitment test by NTS, FPSC, PPSC or ETEA. We have added 30 most important MCQs about recent current affairs 2021 in this quiz. More current affairs 2021 online quizzes are also in pipeline. Stay connected with and its facebook page for more online quizzes on various important GK topics.

1. Yemen Crisis is between Yemen and _____________?


2. Major General Qasem Soleimani was killed by USA drone attack. He was commander of __________.


3. One belt one road (OBOR) is a revolutionary plan of which country?


4. As per predictions of sports critics which cricket format will rule the world of cricket in future?


5. MBS is going to build a smart city in Saudi Arabia with the investment of 500 billion dollars namely ________.


6. Which bank has appeared as competitor of World Bank & IMF?


7. Which news TV channel is one of the cause of Qatar diplomatic crisis?


8. Which enemy of Pakistan is investing in Chabahar Port of Iran to fail CPEC project?


9. Indian spy Kulbhushan Yadav was officer of which force?


10. Russia is supporting ________ in Syrian crisis?


11. Buddhist terrorists are killing innocent Muslims of Burma under the leadership of which Nobel prize winner?


12. _________- air force has decided to buy 36 Rafale jets from France.


13. Which country is the ultimate target of one China Policy?


14. When next ICC champions trophy will be held?


15. Which area of Spain voted for freedom from Spain?


16. Satan 2 missile can wipe out whole UK with its atomic bombs. Which country has invited this destructive missile?


17. Kim Jong-un has become worst enemy of USA and Japan. He is the President of which country?


18. General Raheel Sharif has become commander in chief of which army?


19. CPEC is a road project between china and ______ via Gwadar port.


20. Which freedom movement is danger for Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria?


21. British royal family is involved in which leaks?


22. Who is next expected king of Saudi Arabia?


23. What do you know about Brexit term?


24. Pakistan is in the gray list of ________.


25. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of UK have decided to leave ________?


26. Modi govt of India facing political crisis due to _________ bill.


27. How many parties are members of All Parties Hurriyat Conference of Jammu & Kashmir?


28. Rohingya Muslim refugees are victim of which country?


29. Which term is used for new silk road project by China?


30. Who has won the latest Presidential election of Afghanistan?


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