Online Intelligence Test-Check Your IQ Online, Brain Game, MCQs

Online IQ Test-Check Your Common Sense & Intelligence Quotient Through Brain Game, Intelligence Test MCQs is a new free online testing website in Pakistan. We are striving to develop very useful and trend setter online quizzes for students and youth of the country. Today we are going to publish online intelligence test for checking your common sense and IQ level. Through just 20 MCQs you will be able to judge the level of your intelligence. We have already published a EQ test too on More intelligence tests are too in pipeline. We shall inshaa Allah prepare you for all kinds of psychological, aptitude and intelligence tests. Our services Inshaa Allah will remain 100% free of cost for you. As its our passion and foremost priority to help the student community.

Online Intelligence Test-Check Your IQ Online, Brain Game, MCQs

Online Intelligence Test-Check Your IQ Online, Brain Game, MCQs

We are thankful to our visitors for their great response and we assure them that our team will try its best to come up to your expectations.

This online intelligence test has been developed in the shape of brain game. You will feel that you are playing a mind game while answering the MCQs of this intelligence test. Now play the brain game and share your feed back through the comment box given below this page.

Emotional Intelligence Test-Check Your EQ Level Online, EI Quiz

1. A child in Pakistan has ______ average birthdays.


2. Before the discovery of Amazon which was the longest river of the world?


3. Which thing is first boiled, secondly cooled, thirdly sweetened then soured before serving?


4. Legally speaking can you marry with your widow’s sister?


5. Which one of these has more weight than others?


6. A female gives a beggar hundred rupees. The woman is the sister of beggar but beggar is not her brother. How it is possible?


7. Can you guess which is at the begging of every end and at the end of every time? Remember that same is at the beginning of eternity and end of race and space.


8. A female builds her house in Siberia, suddenly a bear comes there, can you guess the color of the bear?


9. Which thing is full of holes still it can hold water?


10. A truck is stuck under a bridge and the driver cannot get it out. A female come there and easily gets the truck unstuck. How did she do it?


11. Which word comes next in this series¬†2 4 8 10 20 …..?


12. King Faisal Bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia was the son of ________?


13. An electric train is going 100 km/hour south, the wind is blowing 50 km/hour north. Which way is the train’s smoke will blow?


14. How many times can you minus the number 10 from the number 100?


15. How many sides does a circle have?


16. With how much speed (m/min) a kiwi can fly at night?


17. Guess the number from the given list that is increased by one-fifth of its value when its digits are reversed.


18. How many  months have 28 days?


19. Which English word is pronounced like an English letter? It has 3 letters and found in almost all living organisms.


20. What makes more as you take them?


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