PAC All Campuses Admission 2020 in ACCA, CA, CFA

Professional Academy of Commerce PAC All Campuses Admission 2020 in ACCA, CA, CFA
PAC institute is Pakistan one of the leading and most well known accountancy institutes. It has team of experienced professionals which give and pour their services in this institute. It is a famous academic institution which is working in this country since 25 years. It has also international campuses. This institute has established its publishing house and it is the largest publishing house in Pakistan. Do you know that with respect to these ICAP exams, students of PAC get the top marks and score. Their alumni network is spread on the number of 100,000 alumni.professionals.



Programs Part of PAC Professional Academy of Commerce And Details of Their Admission Stage
It is these programs in which you can apply and these are, CA, ACCA and CFA program. This stage is announced just for the A-level students and HSSC students belonging to inter education studies.


Their CA program is of 5 years and it is one of the professional certification programs offered by PAC. By getting CA degree, your average starting income and salary will be Rs 120,000 and these are sure facts if you will get CA degree from PAC. You will be selected for the top management positions.



Top Reasons to Choose Professional Academy of Commerce PAC Institute 
It is just the quality amount of education which is given by PAC institute. They have 25 serving years of experience and their degree is hence much recognized in UK premises too.
By studying from PAC institute, you can find a great job in internationally renowned firm or in he multinational company.


You can get hold of a key position by studying a complete degree from this institute. This PAC institute and body has linkage with large number of national bodies as well as with the international bodies.


It is linked to this body which is The institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. This PAC institute has received an approval from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants which is present in UK.


It is too accredited from the side of Accredited Tuition Provider of Association of Business Executives present in UK. Training seminars are conducted by them too. Comprehensive training campaigns are organized for the departments of accounting and auditing and too for the department of information technology.


Then individuals are been trained for their presentation skills. Up to 1500 government official professionals, they have successfully completed their training from this PAC institute.


Receiving 47 merit merit and also 82 distinctions right at the national level and too at the international level, they are biggest achievements of this body.


More and regular news of PAC institute admissions will be shared. The field of accounting and finance, it is going successively higher in Pakistan. So have admission in this PAC body and give the most successful and fine finishing touch to your program studies. There are many more reasons as well which will convince you easily that why taking admission in PAC is great for you!


PAC All Campuses Admission 2020 in ACCA, CA, CFA


PAC All Campuses Admission 2020 in ACCA, CA, CFA





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