Pakistan Affairs Online Test – Solved MCQs, Model Paper

Pakistan Affairs Online Quiz For Preparation of Competitive Exams-GK MCQs & Sample Papers
Being a patriotic Pakistani you must take interest in Pakistan affairs. Pakistan affairs is a compulsory paper in CSS exam, MCQs about Pakistan affairs are also asked in all other competitive exams like PMS, NTS, ETEA, PCS, PSC and other departmental recruitment tests. We have already published online quiz about Current Affairs of Pakistan. You must take this online test too. We know that it is not possible for us to cover all aspects of Pakistan affairs in few online quizzes. There is a need of series of online quizzes for providing the students enough material for online preparation of Pakistan affairs. We are working on it and soon you will be able to take unlimited online quizzes about Pakistan affairs on

Pakistan Affairs

Pakistan Affairs Online Test – Solved MCQs, Model Paper

Our online quizzes in pipeline are about very unique topics. You will be surprised to see these online quizzes. We need suggestions from our visitors in this regard. Just suggest a unique topic which has demand among students or job seekers and watch online quiz on it in no time.

We have noticed that students become bored while attempting long online quizzes, so we have decided to publish maximum 40 MCQs in a quiz. If a topic requires more MCQs then next MCQs will be included in the separate quiz on the same topic. Same is the case with the topic of Pakistan affairs. In this test we have just included forty multiple choice questions.

We can not proceed further without your appreciation and feedback. You can appreciate us by liking our facebook page. You may leave your suggestions, criticism and feedback through the comment box given below each post and quiz. Now its time to check the standard of our Pakistan affairs quiz. Wish you best of luck.

1. Farooq Alvi Brothers from Pakistan invented the first _________ in 1996?


2. Name the Chief of army staff of Pakistan army who remained in office just for few hours?


3. Name the one and only civilian chief martial law administrator of Pakistan?


4. Which party in Pakistan made its government without participating and winning any election?


5. Frank Messervy and Douglas Gracey were first two __________ of Pakistan army?


6. Who is current Aga Khan?


7. When Presidential form of government was introduced in Pakistan?


8. Who are Dawoodi Bohras?


9. Who was the first Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army?


10. Who is the world record holder in thrilling sport of reverse motorcar jumping?


11. Who was Nurul Ameen?


12. Who was Faqir of Ipi?


13. Name the first submarine of Pakistan navy?


14. __________ has installed world’s highest ATM at Khunjerab Pass at a height of 15397 feet.


15. Name the ex imported care taker Prime Minister of Pakistan, who got his identity card and passport of Pakistan after becoming PM?


16. Why 58 B-2 is a notorious clause of Pakistani constitution?


17. When emergency+ was imposed in Pakistan?


18. What is Nawab Kala Bagh Amir Mohammad Khan famous for?


19. Followers of Peer Pagara are called ________?


20. Why Byram D. Avari is famous in Pakistan?


21. Name the first Deputy Prime Minister of Pakistan?


22. Who is buried in Balakot?


23. Which chief martial law administrator of Pakistan adopted the title of chief executive in spite of CMLA?


24. Buddo, Bukkur, Bundal, Churna, Shams Pir, Khiprianwala, Manora, Pimo are __________ of Pakistan.


25. What is the significance of name of Nawab Muhammad Ahmed Khan Kasuri in the political history of Pakistan?


26. Name the one and only king of Pakistan?


27. Who was the last Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Army?


28. Founder of which religion was born in Pakistan?


29. What Shandur is famous for?


30. What was one unit?


31. Who was the hero of first movie of Pakistan Teri Yaad, which was released on 7th August, 1948?


32. Name the President of Pakistan who dissolved the assembly twice?


33. Which one of these is a civilian intelligence agency in Pakistan?


34. Name the ancient city of Pakistan which is real cradle of Buddhism and the capital of the famous Gandhara civilization?


35. PM Pakistan Feroz Khan Noon purchased Gwadar from Oman on _________?


36. Where Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Frontier Gandhi/Bacha Khan) was buried?


37. Name the President of Pakistan who died in a plane crash?


38. In which city of Pakistan 50% of world’s hand made footballs are manufactured?


39. Who was the one and only queen of Pakistan?


40. Who was the first chief Minister of former West Pakistan?


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