Pakistan Engineering Council PEC Scholarships 2021

Latest Updates About Pakistan Engineering Council Scholarships 2021
This Pakistan Engineering Council has made an announcement in their scholarship category. Recent scholarships are announced by them and you can apply in them too. This council has been facilitating and too instituting scholarship programs for graduate engineering studies students and for these MS engineering studies students. This council has so far awarded 744 scholarships of the amount of Rs 4000 on a per month to a maximum number of graduating engineering students.



200 scholarships are still in their operational phase and rest of the scholarships have completed their tenure time. Then in the category of MS engineering studies, 300 scholarships have been given by this council to respective students and their scholarship amount is of Rs 6000 on a monthly basis. In this category, so far 100 scholarships are in their operational stage. That means graduating students are getting rs 4000 amount and MS engineering studies students are receiving Rs 6000 scholarship amount on per month basis.



Details of Pakistan Engineering Council Scholarships 2021
Now this recent announcement is made by Pakistan Engineering Council that 200 new scholarships will be offered more to the deserving MS and graduating engineering students. Scholarship amount will remain the same. That is Rs 4000 amount for graduating students and Rs 6000 amount for MS students.


If you are in your 1st year graduating engineering degree program then apply in this latest Pakistan Engineering Council scholarship program. In this category, 100 new scholarships are added. 1st year students will be preferred more.


And if you are in the 1st year studies of your MS program then this scholarship program by PEC is opened for you too. For this category as well, 100 new scholarships are devised for them.



Eligibility Requirement Issued by Pakistan Engineering Council
You should be enrolled in your graduate level of MS engineering degree program. You should not have availed any of scholarship program beforehand. You should visit this website, On this website, you can grab all relevant details about this scholarship program.



00 March 2021 is last date to apply. So if any one of you wants to continue with this graduating and MS engineering studies and you do not have enough money to pay your tuition fees then do avail this scholarship program. We have given and notified you about the last date of form submission. Just visit this website and get your form.



If more of scholarship related news will be issued by Pakistan Engineering Council PEC, we will let you know. So apply in this latest scholarship program. Do follow and meet the deadline of your form submission. On their official website address which is mentioned above, you can check and go through other details that which engineering programs are part of this program and how can you apply in this recent scholarship phase. So complete your engineering studies and fully avail this scholarship scheme.

Pakistan Engineering Council Scholarships PEC 2021

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