Police Jobs 2021 in Pakistan-Online Preparation, Quiz & Solved MCQs

Police Jobs 2021 in Pakistan Online Test, Solved Multiple Choice Questions on Law Enforcement Agencies
There are large number of law enforcement agencies in Pakistan like ASF (Airport Security Force), Anti Narcotics Force (ANF), Frontier Constabulary (FC), Frontier Constabulary, Islamabad Traffic Police, Capital Territory Police, Maritime Security Agency, National Highways & Motorway Police (NHMP), Pakistan Coast Guards, Pakistan Rangers, Military Police (MI), Federal Investigation Agency(FIA), Financial Monitoring Unit (FMU), National Academy for Prisons Administration, Azad Kashmir Police, Balochistan Police, Crime Investigation Department (Pakistan), Dolphin Force, Elite Police, Gilgit-Baltistan Police, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police, Police Qaumi Razakars, Punjab Highway Patrol, Punjab Police, Punjab Prisons Police, Sindh Police, Special Combat Unit (SCU), Special Security Unit (SSU), Pakistan Railway Police and Special Protection Unit (SPU).


Police Jobs


Police Jobs 2021 in Pakistan-Online Preparation, Quiz & Solved MCQs


If you want to join any of above mentioned law enforcement agency of Pakistan, then now you are at the right page. This web page will give you an opportunity to check the level of your preparation. Just 20 MCQs are there in this online police jobs test. Take the online test and improve your general knowledge too. Its just a first online quiz for joining the law enforcement agencies in Pakistan as more online quizzes are in pipeline. Soon you will be able to take online tests for all above mentioned law enforcing agencies on justtest.pk. Justtest.pk is a name of a mission as we are committed to provide you unlimited free online quizzes. You will also be able to prepare your self for all kind of entry and admission tests through online quizzes of justtest.pk. It will take us little time to transfer very useful knowledge to our readers.


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1. Who established the police department in early Islamic History?


2. FC (Frontier Constabulary) is a ________?


3. PR Police is responsible to maintain law and order situation at ______?


4. SHO holds the rank of __________ or ________?



5. FIR Stands For ______?



6. In which province of Pakistan Dolphin squad has been established to counter street crimes?


7. Which Force Fight Against Narcotics?


8. In which country foundation of modern police was laid?


9. FSF was the abbreviation of ________?


10. CTD deals with ________?


11. JPO, APO, PO and SPO ranks are found in which department of Police in Pakistan?


12. CID department deals with ________?



KPK Police has established which wing to deal with hostage situations and terrorist attack on sensitive installation.

14. Which Punjab police wing perform intelligence duties?


15. What is the main function of Citizen Police Liaison Committee (CPLC)?


16. How to Join Punjab Police as ASP?


17. Punjab Police Commandos are also known as _______?


18. SPU is the abbreviation of what?



19. Do you know the emergency police helpline number in Pakistan?


20. Which wing of Sindh Police is responsible for security and counter terrorism functions?


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