Punjab Police Jobs, Online Preparation & Test For ASI, Constable & SI Posts

Punjab Police Jobs, Online Quiz, Preparation & Model Paper (ASI, SI & Constables)

All those who are keen to join Punjab police as ASI, SI or constable should stay in touch with this page. Here you will find something very interesting for you. We have provided free online preparation facility to those who want to get Punjab police jobs. First of all take this online test, after that start the online quiz given below this page.

Police Jobs in Pakistan-Online Preparation, Quiz & Solved MCQs

Punjab Police is the largest law enforcement agency in Pakistan. It has many wings like operation, investigation, legal, CTD, Dolphin Force, Elite Police, Traffic Police, Traffic Wardens, Punjab Highway Patrol and Special Protection Unit. Punjab Police jobs are advertised after regular intervals. Sometimes departmental recruitment tests are conducted for Punjab police jobs specially for constable jobs. Sometimes services of PPSC or any private testing agency like NTS are hired to conduct the recruitment tests for the posts of ASI and SI. Later on interviews are conducted by the board of senior officers. Candidates have to clear a physical test and medical examination too.

Punjab Police Jobs

Punjab Police Jobs, Online Preparation & Test For ASI, Constable & SI Posts

This post is basically an online test/quiz for Punjab police jobs of Sub Inspector, Assistant Sub Inspector and Constable. These 40 MCQs will make you familiar with pattern and format of recruitment tests for Punjab police jobs. Punjab police jobs are given on merit base. You will have to improve your physical and mental health both for joining the Punjab police. Improve your knowledge about all sub fields of general knowledge like Islamiyat, Urdu, General Science, English, Pakistan Studies, Arithmetics, Information Technology, World Atlas and Current Affairs. Take our other general tests too for complete preparation of Punjab police jobs. Our best wishes are with you people for Punjab police jobs of Constable, ASI and SI.

1. Rozgar-e-Faqeer book is about meetings of Syed Wahiduddin Ahmad with ________?


2. How Many Dots are There in Kalma Tayyaba?


3. What is the Name of our Galaxy?


4. Who is the founder and CEO of Microsoft?


5. Which Country has the Biggest Population of Christians?


6. Diamer-Bhasha Dam is situated on which river?


7. π is the symbol of ____?


8. Ushr is an Islamic tax on _________?


9. When was the League of Nation abolished?


10. What will be The Value of x if x = (4 × 2.5) + 27-3.


11. What is the Meaning of the Five Olympic Rings?


12. What is the Common Name of Sodium Carbonate?


13. ! is the symbol of _______?



14. When did First Time Quaid e Azam Become the President of All India Muslim League?


15. DSP stands for _______?


16. Charles de Gaulle was Famous President of ________?


17. What is the Significane of 25th March in the History of Pakistan?


18. DPR stands for What?


19. Which is the Roman Numeral for 1000?


20. When Malala Day is Celebrated?


21. Palestine is Known as land of _______?


22. When Special Protection Unit SPU was formed?


23. Who presented 3 laws of motions?



24. PHP is the abbreviation of ______?


25. Rigid is The Antonym of _______?


26. Chose The Correct Spelling


27. Solve It: 400 – (126 ÷ 6)


28. Gaze is the synonym of _______?


29. Which scale is used to measure tornado?


30. Who Discovered the Laws of Genetics?


31. Capital of Canada is ________?


32. Ruins of Mehrgarh Civilization were Found in ________ Province of Pakistan?


33. Which is the Coldest Planet of Solar System?


34. Pakistan Bought Gwadar From __________ on 7th September, 1958?


35. The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam were lectures of ___________?


36. Which one of These is a Input Device?


37. During his stay in UK Quaid e Azam Took Part in The Election Campaign of ________?


38. Daroghas were Responsible to Keep The Law and Order Situation During Early ______ Rule.


39. What number is missing in this series: A, I, E, …..U.


40. Who Wrote “Aag Ka Darya” novel?


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