Scope of Career in Merchant Navy Sector in Pakistan, Intro, Jobs & Tips

Career Counseling About Scope of Merchant Navy Field in Pakistan, Introduction, Benefits, Types of Jobs & Smart Tips
If you are planning to work for this merchant navy sector, then here we will give you and pen down more of the information about this sector. Do you know that when it comes to increasing the exports side of any country, this sector of navy plays an important and vital role, it is true! This field has cargo ship lines, purpose ship lines and too bulk carriers so that export items can be transferred from one place to another. It is the fleet size of any country that basically shows and tells the import side and export side of that specific and particular country. Talking about the current times, the Pakistan merchant navy sector, it has just these and comprises merchant vessels. In the near time, our country will be starting its import and export trading operations from the Gwadar port.

Scope of Career in Merchant Navy Sector in Pakistan, Intro, Jobs & Tips

Scope of Merchant Navy
Discussing about the scope of this merchant navy field line, it is quite high and promising. As soon as this CPEC project will be completed, then the amount of trading operations will become dramatically high in our country. This field will get a high boost because it is just because of this CPEC project that Pakistan trading operations will get linked to the six Central Asian Muslim countries and also with Russia.

It is due to this CPEC that behavior of Russia towards our country Pakistan, it has changed a lot on a positive note. It was the oldest desire and wish of Russia to reach to the site of warm waters. And this will be possible because of this CPEC project. As the seas of Russia remain frozen for the most part of the time. That is why reaching to these warm waters will increase and enhance the import and export side of Russia as well.

On the other hand, these six of the Central Asian Muslim countries, they are totally landlocked countries. They need complete and trouble free access in order to reach to the Arabian sea. In this case too, Pakistan is going to be facilitating and helping these Muslim countries.

Types of Officers in The Merchant Navy Field
We have deck branch officers and it is their duty to sail the ship lines on a safer note. They control the loading and too unloading of all cargo.

We have engineering branch officers and it is their important duty to maintain the ship lines and look for the defects if there are any! All of the engineers working in this sector, they remain accountable to the senior chief engineer. These engineering branch officers have to look after these sections of ships and they are steam engine, air condition plants, electric wiring and installations.

To work for the merchant navy, first you have to enroll in the PMA academy. On a per year basis, 200 deck officers and also engineering cadets are passed out. This PMA academy is the part of World Maritime university which is present in Sweden. More info on this merchant navy sector will be shared.

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