Scope of Criminology in Pakistan, Intro, Job Prospects, Career, Benefits

Career in The Field of Forensic Science in Pakistan, Introduction, Scope, Job Options, Significance, Nature of Work & Tips
This field of criminology and forensic sciences, they are closely related to each other but there is a distinctive difference present between them. This field line of criminology, it revolves around the psychological methods so that the interrogation and investigation can be done with the criminals. If you are a criminal lawyer by profession, then it is important for you to get a degree of MSc level in this field. In Pakistan, we are in dire and high need of these criminal layers. These two field lines, they overlap with each other. If working as an investigation officer or as a forensic officer, then studying this criminology degree program is important.


Scope of Criminology in Pakistan, Intro, Job Prospects, Career, Benefits

All About Forensic Science
If you are working as forensic science technicians, then your responsibility will be to identify, collect and also to analyze the physical evidence which are related to the crime cases. They have to make use of the mobile equipment so that these technicians can perform all kinds of tests on the basis of trace evidence.

All About Criminology
This criminology discipline, it is an interdisciplinary field. This field is related to the behavioral sciences and social sciences. These professionals have to do the study of crimes and also to study about their causes and their effects. The criminologist has to to analyze data and he has to observe behavior of the criminals.

Job Duties in Criminology Field
These criminologists have to develop the theories on the people who commit crimes. They compile the data by doing the research and statistics. Their theories and collected data is based on the law enforcement tactics and forensics. They handle the cases related to juvenile delinquency and substance abuse.

These criminologists have to work with the law enforcement professionals. They do the complete examination of the crime cases. They investigate the every single aspect of crime scenes. It is on the basis of psychology and criminology theories that they make their cases. These criminologist professionals have to work from both of the statistical standpoints and analytical standpoints. They compose the reports on the basis of nature of crimes and too on the basis of their research findings.

Job Options
You can work for police, FIA, NAB, anti corruption department, universities, forensic labs, intelligence agencies, police training colleges. These criminology field professionals can work in the provincial investigation agencies, federal investigation agencies, armed force, military police, interior affairs department. Work as NGO activist, criminal psychologist, public prosecutor, criminal lawyer.

Subjects Offered in Criminology Degree Program
You will study the subjects of introduction to criminology and sociology, introduction to security studies and psychology, drug abuse, terrorism, extremism, criminal law of Pakistan and Islam. These criminology program graduates will study the courses on policing and investigation, community justice, criminal investigation methods, child abuse. And also the subjects on local criminal justice system, crime and mental health problems, criminality modern theories, crime and security.

Stay tuned and more details regarding the scope of criminology will be shared.

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