Scope of D.Com in Pakistan, Career, Subjects, Jobs, Further Study Options

Career Counseling About Scope of Diploma in Commerce (D.Com) in Pakistan, Duration, Career, Eligibility, Subjects, JobsĀ  & Further Study Options
If you are interested in doing and studying D.Com then you should have complete and thorough information about this study program. Here subjects which are being offered in D.Com will be shared on this page. Then we will further tell you that what further study options and job options you can have if you have done Diploma of Commerce (D.Com). It is true that this field of commerce has now become one of the most favorite fields for all students of Pakistan. Students are preferring to opt and study, I.Com, D.Com and M.Com these days.

Scope of D.Com in Pakistan, Career, Subjects, Jobs, Further Study Options

Scope of D.Com in Pakistan, Career, Subjects, Jobs, Further Study Options

Introduction About DCom Program
This D.Com program stands for diploma in commerce. Once you are completed with your matriculation studies and you want to opt the field of commerce then you can either do this program or you can get admission in D.Com program. This program has duration of 2 years. It is a diploma program equivalent to HSSC. This D.Com program is one of the most comprehensive courses. After completing your D.Com studies, you can have your degree and then you can have your M.Com degree.

Further Study Options After D.Com (Diploma of Commerce)
After completing your D.Com studies, you can then do your BA, BS, BBA, BCS. It is this D.Com program that builds up solid foundation of yours in areas of economics and banking. Your accounting and business foundation, mathematics foundation, commerce foundation and concepts are being build up with the help of D.Com program. It is these provincial boards of technical education that take exams of this D.Com program. Total marks of this D.Com program are 600.

Subjects Offered in D.Com Program
Economics, banking, communication skill, principle of commerce, business mathematics, statistics, information technology, financial and applied accounting, financial accounting, computer based accounting, information technology. It is a technical diploma program and this program is also encompassed with many technical subjects and courses. All its courses and subjects will really help you greatly in your professional life. Each single program which is offered in this program, it is like a complete separate field in itself.

Career Options After Diploma in Commerce (D.Com)
By doing and completing this D.Com program, you can then take admission in B.Com/B.Com IT and then later on in your M.Com degree program. This commerce field is a comprehensive field. It is a productive field. Now the job market of Pakistan is in need of bunch of commerce graduates. It is a giant field. This field is now being expanded on much wider scale. You can have big jobs in commerce market. As this field of commerce and accounting are inter related. Getting a job of accountant, getting a job in some finance department, department of accounts, you can only get these kinds of jobs if you have studied Diploma in commerce program. You will also learn typing and short hand in diploma of commerce. These two skills have great demand in job market of Pakistan, specially lot of jobs for experts of short hand are announced every week in different government departments. You just need to achieve good speed both in typing and short hand. Practice is key to success in both these fields. You also need to improve your English grammar. In case of good English, typing and short hand speed, you may get government job immediately after completing your diploma in commerce (DCom). In our opinion D.Com has more scope than DBA and I.Com. Visit our website and its facebook page daily for reading knowledge base career counseling articles on different diploma and degree programs.





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