Scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan, Career Guide in Urdu & English

Career & Scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan, Career Counseling Tips in English/Urdu
Let us be talking about the scope of digital marketing in Pakistan. This digital marketing is a kind of education and it has become that kind of field that give a boost to your business on an online and also offline basis. Because of this digital marketing, you can even turn your normal product or service into a brand form. This field can be divided into two divisions and they are in-house digital marketing and also out-house digital marketing. In the former division, you will be linking your brand to different social media platforms like facebook, youtube twitter. By opting this mode, you will advertise your brand by making a page of it on the facebook site, you can also make the youtube channel of your brand. The common examples of this in-house digital marketing are email marketing, classified marketing, messenger marketing. Then we have out-house digital marketing and this is the marketing mode when you are going to advertise your business with the use of internet.

Details About The Scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan
There are more than 100 types and kinds of doing online marketing. This marketing mode plays an important role if you are doing an online business. Do you know that digital marketers earn a lot as compared to the productivity professionals and freelancers. By doing work on Fiverr, you will only get the 20% commission. On the other hand, if you will act and work as a digital marketer on Google or Facebook, then you will be earning in dollars.

Jobs Linked to The Field of Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization Professional
Talking about the overall scope of digital marketing in Pakistan, the most highly demand job in this field is to work as a search engine optimization professional. This is a technical level job and you should have SEO knowledge to do this job.

Search Engine Marketing Professional
Then we have search engine marketing professional job which is also highly linked to the field of digital marketing. This job is a mix and fusion of SEO and marketing and in this job, you think of the unique ways to advertise ant brand.

Social Media Optimization Officer
Then you can work as a social media optimization officer. For this job too, you should possess a highly technical knowledge and background of SEO. You should know how to optimize the content on social media sites.

Affiliate Marketing Officer
These digital marketing specialists can be working as affiliate marketing officers. This job is mainly about doing marketing of different brands and then getting the commission and earnings on every purchase.

Email Marketing Professional
You can work as an email marketing professional or you can get a job as a mobile marketing professional if you have got the degree of digital marketing. More details will be shared about the scope of digital marketing in Pakistan. Read our post on scope of computer science too. Take a view on career counseling tips in Urdu below this post.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan, Career Guide in Urdu & English

Scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan, Career Guide in Urdu & English

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