Scope of Legal Education (LLB & LLM) in Pakistan (Urdu-English)

Career & Scope of Law and Legal Education (LLB & LLM) in Pakistan (Urdu & English)
Here you will catch the details that what is the scope of legal education in Pakistan. Many of the students, they show their ultimate interest towards this field line of law. Do you know that the leader of Pakistan country, Quaide Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, he was itself a great and professional lawyer.

To make the law degree program further and more effective to be workable in Pakistan, this notification is issued by the Supreme court of Pakistan that all universities will make the LLB degree program span to be of 5 years. For this field, LLB education is enough and after getting this degree, you can start your law practice. It is important for the law colleges and law universities to get the official recognition from the Pakistan bar council. If your law university is not recognized, then do not get admission in it. All law universities present in Pakistan, they have to meet the standards of Pakistan bar council, otherwise their status will be dismissed.

LLB Post Graduate Degree Program Scope And Subjects
We have post graduate degree program for you and it is the program linked to LLB, this program is of duration 5 years. Applying in this program, it is important for you to pass the exam or BA exam or the B.Sc exam of yours and you should have 70% marks in your last degree.

In this program, you will study the subject of mercantile law, consumer protection law, legal methods as well as the subject of constitutional law, criminal law, jurisprudence, civil procedure code and too limitation act. Then the subject of corporate law, commercial law, law of evidence course, family law, property law, administrative law- all these subjects are part of LLB program. You will also study the industrial law, labor law, property law, copy right law, law on education, course about the financial market regulations, law of trademarks, international criminal law course.

LLM Graduate Degree Program Scope And Main Subjects
To get admission in the LLM program, make sure that you pass your LLB studies in the second division or you can have 50% marks in your last and previous one degree. It is on five semesters that this program of LLB degree is based on! This is an extended degree and it is opted once you successfully pass your LLB program phase.

Job Options in Legal Law Education
You can work for the law firms or for the litigation firms. You can look for the jobs in courtrooms or in the corporate houses or too the arbitration consultancy firms. These law graduate degree holders can work as an advocate or as an attorney general, as a district and session judge, as a legal expert or public prosecutor.

This is the detailing about the legal law education in Pakistan. If you are a lawyer and linked to this field, then share your professional and lifetime academic experience with us. More scope of LLB, LLM degree programs will be put up.

Scope of Legal Education (LLB & LLM) in Pakistan (Urdu-English)

Scope of Legal Education (LLB & LLM) in Pakistan (Urdu-English)



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