Sindh Police Jobs Online Test, Model Paper, MCQs For ASI, SI & Constable

Sindh Police Jobs Online Quiz & Preparation, Sample Paper, Solved MCQs For ASI, SI & Constable Posts
Sindh Police is a capable and highly trained law enforcement force in Pakistan. Few years before due to extreme political pressure recruitment process in Sindh police was not transparent, but now the situation has changed a lot. Courts have taken many suo moto actions against nepotism and corruption in recruitment process. Now you can apply with full confidence for Sindh police jobs.

Sindh Police Jobs

Sindh Police Jobs Online Test, Model Paper, MCQs For ASI, SI & Constable

Sindh police has many cadres like CTD, Traffic Sindh, Crime Branch, Rapid Response Force, Crime Branch, Special Branch, Sindh Reserve Police, T & T, Training Branch, Different Ranges (Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana, MirpurKhas, SSU, Reserach, Development & Inspection. You may serve in any of these cadres.

Matriculate applicants can become constable. Intermediate passed candidates can go for ASI and SI Sindh police jobs. If you are graduate person then we shall suggest you to go for PMS or CSS exam. Through PMS exam you may become direct inspector, while through CSS exam you may become ASP. Remember that still Sub Inspector can become a SHO.

We have already publish some Sindh police jobs related online quizzes. We highly recommend you to try these 2 online quizzes first. Here are the links of recommended online tests.

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Written test, physical test, interview, medical test and police/special branch reports are stages of recruitment in Sindh police department. You should prepare yourself for all these stages, we shall also guide you in this regard. On this page we have in fact provided a model or sample paper. It will make you familiar with the written test paper of MCQs type. There are possibilities of little change of pattern/format of SPSC written test and NTS (Or any other private testing agency). This is a general model paper for Sindh police jobs of ASI, Constable and SI. Separate model papers for SPSC and private testing agencies will be published soon. Separate online quizzed for SI, ASI and constable posts will also be published.

Soon you will see series of online quizzes on These tests will provide you the opportunity of complete online preparation for Sindh police jobs, so stay connected with best online testing website and its facebook page. Wish you good luck for your future professional career.

1. SSU is the Abbreviation of ______?


2. Complete the series 27, 64, 125………….?


3. When Montagu–Chelmsford Reforms Were Introduced in British India?


4. SRP is The Abbreviation of  _________?


5. What is G8 Group?


6. Who is Known as the Father of English Literature & Poetry?


7. Identify the Roman Numeral For 100?


8. Select The Odd number from These Numbers?


9. Ali has 143 oranges. He wants to make packets of oranges, with 9 oranges in each packet, how many packets of oranges he will be able to make?


10. A air plane covers 250 km in 20 liters of hi octane fuel, how much distance it will cover in 15625 liters of hi octane fuel?


11. Archie was The First Ever _______?


12. When Cabinet Mission Came in India?


13. Who Wrote Famous Tafsir Tadabbur-ul-Quran?


14. CNN Stand For What?


15. Who is The Most Famous Urdu Short Stories Writer (Afsanah Nigar)?


16. NRO is the Abbreviation of ___________?


17. Identify the Correct Sentence.


18. Barmuda Triangle is Situated in __________?


19. When East India Company Was Founded?


20. What is Amnesty International?



21. NDS is the Abbreviation of _______?



22. Name the Spin Bowler Who Has Got 1347 International Wickets.


23. How Much is 5 to the 4th Power?


24. Chabahar Port is the Key Trade Rival of __________?


25. How much is this Following Roman Numeral MMDCLX show?


26. Bahauddin Zakariya University is Situated in Which City?


27. RRF Stands For What?


28. Which was The First Microsoft Windows?


29. Antonym of Union is __________?


30. What is the Capital City of North Korea?


31. Jam-i-Jahan-Numa was The First Urdu _______?


32. Arabia is a _________?


33. Who was Martin Luther of Germany?


34. Synonym of Yield is ________?


35. Name the Muslim Conquerer Who Conquered Iran?


36. Who was Most Famous Founding Father of USA?


37. SB Stands For What?


38. Where The Tomb of Hazrat Abu Ayub Ansari (R.A) is Situated?


39. Who Constructed The Famous GT Road?


40. Name The Prophet Who Was Given Ten Commandments From Almighty Allah?


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