Smart Tips & Self Help Techniques For Selected Studies

Rules of Selective Studies- Self Help TipsĀ  & Tricks For Selected Studies Techniques
At times, some of the students like to do selected studies. But it is not easy to get a hold and control on such kind of study mode. You need to know about certain self help tricks and tips if you want to do selected study. Experts have not recommended and suggested this study tactic. This selected study tactic should only be opted if you have limited time. Suppose if you are running short of time, suppose that you are not feeling well and next day you have paper of yours, then what you should do? In these situations, you can go for selected study tactic. This selected study is done with the help of past papers and guess papers. In this study mode, a student only go through and reads certain number of important topics. In this selective study mode, a students only prepares important questions. It is a risky part when it comes to preparation of your exam. Only if you have short time or if you are not well, then go for selective study otherwise not.


Smart Tips & Self Help Techniques For Selected Studies

Here are some self help tips about selected study techniques.

Prepare All Questions Given At The End of Each Chapter of Text Book
If you really want to do selective study then you should prepare all questions given at the end of each chapter of text book. Do not leave any single chapter and prepare each single question from their exercises. For this selective study, you should not leave even objective questions from these chapter exercises.

Focus On Past Papers
If any one is interested in doing this selective study then he should focus on past papers and guess papers too. We know that one opt for this selective study because of shortage of time. So it is better to take the best from this preparation time of yours. Focus your attention on guess papers. Concentrate on past papers. These past and guess papers will give you rough assumptions that what might come in the paper and what not! These guess papers will give you hints which topics are of extreme importance and which are least important according to examiner point of view.

Focus On Repeated Questions Given In Past Papers
We have last tip for you if you want to do selective study. Just focus on those questions which have been repeatedly asked in guess and past papers. Obviously during selective study, you are running much short of time. So try to keep an eye on those questions which are frequently asked

Just Clear Your Concepts
If you have less time then do not learn by heart any question rather clear your concepts about each and every topic of your text book. Then write the answers in your own words. Conceptual clarity is key to success in any exam or test.

Guess Papers
You may also ask your teacher for guess papers. Prepare these questions first. You may also prepare your own guess papers with the help of past papers of last 10 years. Its an easy task, soon we shall guide you about this technique in detail.

Prepare First or Last Half of Text Book
Preparing the first half or last half of text book is too a time tested technique for clearing any exam. But we recommend you to prepare at least 70% of your text book.

We will share more selected study self help tips with you. It is a short cut study. It is always suggested that you should go for in-detail study pattern. This selective study mode is a short cut study mode. It is not a productive study mode. So go for selective study only in those conditions when you are not feeling well or you are running much and quite short of time. More constructive and more productive self helpĀ tips regarding selective studies will be shared over here on this page. We are also going to guide you about clearing the supplementary exams in good marks, so stay in touch with For guidance about practical papers kindly read our following article.

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