South Asian University India SAU Admission 2021 For SAARC Students

Study Abroad Alert-South Asian University New Delhi India SAU Admission 2021 For Pakistani Students
This admission linked notification is issued by South Asian University that you can submit your application forms by the date and time line of 0th March 2021. And then applicants will sit for entrance too. The official test date announced by this university is 00 April 2021. Talking about little bit of historical info of this university, it was 13th SAARC summit that led to creation of this well known university.



Manmohan Singh who used to be the Indian Prime Minister at that tome, he gave this productive suggestion of creating this well reputed university. Then inter governmental agreement was agreed upon and and then final proceedings led to the establishment of this institution. This agreement wad signed during the time of 14th one SAARC summit. It was decided by all of the SAARC members that this university will be established in India. This decision was taken on mutual basis. Majority amount of sponsors and funds come from India. We know that in this community of South Asia, we see much of literacy factor. That is why, SAARC members have taken the decision so establish such universities so that more and more students can receive and acquire education.



Faculty of Undergraduate Studies
This South Asian University has its well expanded faculty of undergraduate studies. It is headed and managed by a dean. This faculty involved 4 year duration of BA programs and BS degree programs. Mainly in this faculty of undergraduate studies, humanities subjects, natural science and social sciences subjects and courses will be offered.



Academic Council of South Asian University
The custodian and guardian of this university academic activities is taken care by this academic council. Now this council is trying to setup more faculty lines. It is extending degree programs in its faculties. It is expanding is schools and departments as well. It is working on its disciplinary research centres. This academic council proposed measures so that more specialized libraries and specialized form labs can be setup. It is vested and packed with power to abolish or to create teaching posts. This council gives recommendation and appropriate suggestions to executive council. Annual accounts proceedings are managed by this university finance committee.



Programs Part of South Asian University
For their current year 2021, their masters and PhD degree programs have opened admission 2021. You can do your masters of PhD studies in mathematics subject, bio technology or in computer science subject. Subjects like economics, international relations, sociology and legal studies, students can have their masters studies or PhD studies in these subjects too.



Just stay tuned. In near time, this South Asian University will issue more of their admission related latest news. First applicants have to submit their registration forms latest by 00 March 2021 and then it is must for them to sit and pass in this entrance test. 00 April 2021 is official admission entry test date so prepare for it right now.

Wait For SAU Ad 2021.

South Asian University India SAU Admission 2021 For SAARC Students


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