Technical Board Karachi SBTE DAE Online Result 2020 Part 1, 2 & 3

Sindh Technical Board Karachi SBTE DAE 1st, 2nd & 3rd Year Online Result 2020
This Sindh technical board Karachi will be in near time disclosing the details and official information about their DAE program SBTE result 2020. We wish all the best to the students of this board and technical education body. On this page and valid source, we will deliver you complete news about this DAE program exams. First you can prepare and set yourself for these DAE exams and then wait for this DAE program exam result 2020.



Here we will discuss the point that which are those main one challenges and obstacles which are faced by these technical training centers. Technical education has become a necessary need for Pakistan country. To make our country an industrial driven country then each student of our country have to be much technically educated. An industrialized country can only get success and growth if its workforce is skilled and powered by technical education factors. We should be giving world class amount of technical training to our manpower.




Technical Board Karachi SBTE DAE Online Result 2020 Part 1, 2 & 3


Challenges and Main Obstacles Faced by Technical Education Sector
Lack in technical training is one of the huge obstacles and challenges which is stopping and pushing back Pakistan to become an industrialized country. You should not believe on this biased factor that technical and vocational education carries and possess a low value in it. This education now carries highest amount of value in it. Technical education will give you high paid jobs. Another challenge which is based by this technical education sector is that in Pakistan we have been seeing an uneven and odd distribution of technical and vocational training colleges. There should be even distribution and placement of these vocational training centers. If Punjab province has particular number of vocational training institutes in its cities then in same way, Sindh province should also have equal number of training institutes in it.



We should also improve the quality of training been delivered in these technical training centers. Low quality has become a main declining factor with respect the challenges faced by these vocational training institutions. We should improve quality of trainers and instructors. There is lack of modern as well as efficient machinery in the training centres of Pakistan. We should too look on this issue. The next issue which these technical training schools care witnessing is that their offered skilled programs do not match with the social realities and too with these occupational realities. So let us all face these challenges and get ready to tackle these obstacles too. If these challenges will be faced bravely by the technical education sector of Pakistan then we are sure, huge improvements will be seen in this area.



Students of this Sindh technical board Karachi body, just consult and visit this source. All updates and complete news about your diploma course program exam sbte result 2020 are coming sooner right and exactly on this page. Good luck for DAE exams that is for diploma in associate engineering exams.



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