Top 20 Smart Tips For KPK ETEA MCAT & ECAT Entry Tests 2021 Preparation

Top 20 Super Tips For Preparation of KPK ETEA MCAT & ECAT Entry Tests 
Do you find this ever difficulty that how you can pass these KPK ETEA MCAT & ECAT entry tests? If yes then you we can give you some easy tips and suggestions that how you can pass this entry test easily and also by scoring maximum marks and maximum amount of percentage. We know that in KPK province, this ETEA testing body has this responsibility to carry out and process these KPK ETEA MCAT and ECAT entry tests. It is this KPK educational testing and evaluation agency. This testing body has been assigned this test to carry out and all process these MCAT and ECAT entry tests so that eligible and successful candidates can given admission in respective medical colleges as well as in engineering universities.


Once you will pass your Fsc pre medical studies or once you will complete your Fsc pre engineering studies then you will appear for entry test as well so that you can have graduation studies in your respective degree program. For these pre medical students and too for these pre engineering students, they need to appear in these KPK ETEA MCAT and ECAT entry tests and these entrance tests are commenced by ETEA. This test comprise of 200 marks and you will have MCQs in this entrance test. Below are tips to pass these KPK ETEA MCAT and ECAT entry tests:


Top 20 Smart Tips For KPK ETEA MCAT & ECAT Entry Tests Preparation


Top 20 Smart Tips For KPK ETEA MCAT & ECAT Entry Tests 2021 Preparation


How To Clear KPK ETEA MCAT and ECAT Entry Tests? Top 20 Smart Tips

Here below we have given top 20 smart tips for preparation of KPK ETEA MCAT and ECAT entry tests.

1. Make Your Concepts Clear
To pass in such kind of entrance tests, you should be focusing on your language proficiency as well as on your scientific concepts. You should be clear in your concept line.

2. Read Syllabus Books Thoroughly
You should be reading your text and syllabus book completely and properly. You should be thoroughly reading yours objective and subjective books so that you might not skip any topic.

3. Preparing From Past Papers
To pass in these MCAT and ECAT entrance tests, you can prepare yourself from the previous set of past papers on a stronger basis. This will give you a grip on these competitive kind of entry tests.

4. Give Attention While Learning Definitions
You should not leave any single definition from your subject line. They are much important. Just try to learn and understand the definitions and you will do great in these entry tests.

5. Solve Exercises Given At The End Of Each Lesson
You should not miss those exercises which are given at the end of each lesson or chapter. They are important exercises from objective point of view.



6. Practice Numerical Questions
In these MCAT and ECAT entry tests, portion and weightage of these numerical questions, mathematical based questions, they are quite important. Practice them a lot and attempt them without using a calculator.

7. Learn How To Fill Answer Sheet
You should have complete and 100% understanding that how you are going to fill the answer sheets of these MCAT and ECAT entrance tests.

8. Time Management Importance
Keep in mind time management factor whenever you sit and appear in these MCAT and ECAT entrance tests. Divide your time and do not give extra time to any questions.

9. Have Confidence in Yourself
Remain confident as much as you can. Do not lose down your confidence level and remain confident when you sit for these entry tests.

10. Go For Group Discussions Before Appearing in MCAT And ECAT Entry Tests
These group discussions will make your concepts clear and you will be able to explore your entry test subjects more and more.



11.Combined Study Technique 
Combined study technique is also helpful for understanding the concepts and memorizing any thing, so go for selective studies with serious students.

12.Prepare the Short Questions From Practical Note Books
Practical note books have very useful and important objective questions and MCQs at the end of each practical details for clearing the concepts.

13.Use Model Papers
Many publishers have published model papers about KPK ETEA MCAT & ECAT entry tests. These model papers are prepared by senior professors from past papers. You should prepare them too.

14.Preparation Material From Other Provinces
UHS Lahore provides the syllabus for MDCAT entry test. You can use this material too for preparation of KPK ETEA MCAT entry test. Remember that concepts of science are same every where.

15.Join Test Session
You can join any academy for final test session. If you can not afford heavy fees of these academies then take help of your teacher for checking the papers.



16.Use Online Testing Resources 
You may use online testing resources for preparation of KPK MCAT & ECAT entry tests. is also going to publish such material.

17.Take the Help of Google Search
You may clear your concepts and can understand each and every scientific term with the help of Google search. Google is really your best friend. You may trust on it.

Youtube is second best online source for preparation of any exam and entry test. Both Urdu and English lectures are available on it about all scientific concepts.

19.Follow the Instructions By KPK ETEA
Always read the instructions given on official website of KPK ETEA and follow them strictly.

20.Last but not least there are no alternative of text book, practice and clearing the concepts.


How to Prepare MDCAT & ECAT Entry Test? Tips & Tricks

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