Introduction of Free Digital Marketing Courses in Urdu

Admission in Top Five Internationally Recognized Free Digital Marketing Courses
Do you want to know about five international recognized free digital marketing courses, here are the details for you. These courses are linked to the digital marketing field and they are most of all internationally recognized courses.

1. Google Online Marketing Challenge Course
This course is one of the most popular digital marketing courses. Do you know that this course is offered on the free of cost basis by Google, it is true! The best part of this course is that you can even the prize amount been offered by Google. More than 100,000 persons have taken part in this course in the last 8 years and these participants belonged to more than 100 different countries. It is a module based online. From this course, you will learn regarding the basics of digital marketing, search advertising, display advertising, social analytics basics.

2. Wordstream PPC University Course
Moving onto more info on five international recognized free digital marketing courses, this PPC university is another free of cost digital marketing course. By learning from this course, you can build digital marketing skills as well as PPC skills in you. If you are a beginner or if you are one of the advanced learners then this digital marketing course is great for you.

3. Social Media Quick Starter Course
This course will tell that as to how to integrate email and social media modes. You learn regarding the platforms of Linkedin, Twitter, facebook and youtube, Pinterest, Instagram.

4. Inbound Digital Marketing Course
This is another one of the well known five international recognized free digital marketing courses, this course is initiated by the Hotspot academy. Total 38 lectures are a part of this course and this course has the duration of 4.5 hours. In this course, the participants will learn regarding the complete basics of inbound marketing, SEO basics, landing pages, blogging basics, conversion optimization basics, lead nurturing education and basics on email marketing will be given to you. Along with the teaching of these basics, you get the know how that how inbound marketing strategy can be devised.

5. Alison Free Diploma in E-Business
Note that Alison is an online training community and it comprises of more than 60 lakh registered members. From this platform, you can be the part of standard based courses or you can too be the part of certified based courses. This online training course community was started in the year of 2007 and it was given the title of first massive online open source training community. Right from this platform, you can also learn the usage of other tools like campaign tracking, integration tools usage, adwords usage, digital measurement. On this beneficial platform, you too learn about coding process.

Stay tuned. We will put up more info on the section of five international recognized free digital marketing courses so stay connected with us. All these free digital marketing courses are really beneficial for you and you will learn a lot from them.

Introduction of Free Digital Marketing Courses in Urdu

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