Twitter Tips 2021 for Beginners-Learn to Tweet (English & Urdu) Tips & Tricks For New Users From Pakistan-How To Tweet?
In the middle of so many social media world, Twitter is one of the most versatile and leading social media world for the youngsters to raise their voice. There have been millions of people who have been using this platform for spreading their voice all around and letting the world know about their brand on better terms. This platform can be used as a medium of entertainment but at the same time it can also be used as a medium of brand advertisement as well.


Twitter Profile
If you want to make yourself step into the Twitter platform then you have to first of all make the Twitter profile. Your profile and the way you will be creating it will be playing an important role to highlight yourself in the eyes of others. Make sure you add up all the important details to make your profile look attractive and creative looking. Try to include it with the fresh data of yours and also make sure that it looks interesting as well. The more interesting your profile will be, the more it will help you to grab the audience attention.



Use Images on the Twitter
In case if you have been just including content in your profile, then this is completely wrong. You are making your profile boredom and unimpressive on your own. In order to deal with the whole scenario, it is better adding with some colorful images which need to be bright and high in terms of HD quality. This is an important point to keep in mind. This can give your whole profile a huge benefit.



Never Ignore the Notification
Ignoring the notifications is another major mistake you are making so far. Notifications are the medium which will enable you to figure out that how many people are interested in checking out your profiles. You should not be ignoring their notifications and make sure you reach back to the as well. If they are making an effort to share your tweets, then you should instantly reply to their comment or share their tweets as well.


Using Twitter-Important Smart Tips
There are no such hard and fast rules which you have to follow when it comes to using the Twitter. This platform is similar to the platform of using Facebook where you get a chance to share your posts with one another and gain the followers amount. This is an important point to keep in mind. If you want to make your profile noticeable for others then try to add it with content as on daily basis. It would be a best approach if you will be including it with the content as three times in a day to stay active. Keep on sharing the posts which are inspirational and a source of motivation for other people. You can also take some better from those accounts who have already millions of followers on Twitter and get an idea about how they have shared their content. Here we have given some smart Twitter tips for you in Urdu language;


Twitter Tips 2021 for Beginners-Learn to Tweet (English & Urdu)


Twitter Tips 2021 for Beginners-Learn to Tweet (English & Urdu)

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