University of Health Sciences Official Tips & Guide For MDCAT Entry Test 2020

UHS Lahore MDCAT Paper Attempting Guide 2020
The details of UHS Lahore MDCAT entry test 2020 attempting guidelines are here, we know that most of the students do not know that how they should be attempting this MDCAT entry test and during this phase, they make many mistakes and their marks get also deducted. Here is the attempting guide for you and we hope that after reviewing the details of this guide, you will know all about the attempting paper basics of this entrance test. This entrance test related to the MBBS, BDS studies is about to be conducted in few days, so make sure to go through all the details and understand each and every point which is about University of Health Sciences Lahore MDCAT entry test 2020 paper attempting.



Writing The Roll Number And Reading Instructions from The Question Paper
You will be given MCQ response form, it is important for you to read all of the instructions and details which are written on this response form. Then exactly at the time of 10:00 am, your MDCAT entry test question paper will be distributed. As soon as you are going to receive your question paper, you should immediately write your roll number as well as put down your signature on that question paper. You have to check that whether your question paper comprise of the complete number of pages, there should not be any page missing from your question paper. Make sure that your question paper should consist of total 220 questions.



Entering Question Paper ID Code
This MDCAT entry test question paper ID code varies from A, B, C, D, you have to carefully look at your question paper and see that code does it contain! These question papers containing different codes, note that same questions are present in them but the sequence of these questions are different. On every single page of your question paper, you have to enter that code.



How to Mark The Answers?
It is only by the blue ball point pen that you can fill and mark down your answers. You will see that the impression of your answer is going to be automatically filled on the lower one carbonized sheet. You are not at all allowed to detach these two sheets before this MDCAT test gets over. Your answers are not going to be evaluated if you are going to fill them up by using a pencil or marker.



The Wrong And Correct Way of Marking Answers
If you are going to fill two circles of the same question, if you will fill one circle and place a dot in the other circle of the same question then you will not get any mark. If the candidate is going to fill the circle and put a cross on it as well then no mark will be given. For each correct answer, you will get 5 marks and for an incorrect response, 1 mark will be deducted. You can do your rough work on the blank sheet which is provided at the last end side of your question paper.


This is the complete attempting guide which is linked to University of Health Sciences UHS Lahore MDCAT entry test 2020.

University of Health Sciences Official Tips & Guide For MDCAT Entry Test 2020

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