Urdu Career Guide About Scope of Hospitality Management in Pakistan

Career Counseling About Scope of Hotel & Hospitality ManagementĀ  Courses in Pakistan
Here we have Urdu career guide about scope of hospitality management in Pakistan. This field of hospitality management is really getting a high amount of success in Pakistan. It has become a distinguished field now. It is according to the stats given by Pakistan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management that in Pakistan, there are so far 1100 hotels and these hotels rating start from 1 star till 5 star. In these 1100 hotels, there are 19000 rooms and almost 34000 beds are available in these rooms. In this field of hospitality management, almost 40,000 people are currently working. It is estimated that in the next and later on years, 1500 professionals will be needed on the pear year basis for this field of hospitality management.

Pakistan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management
In Pakistan, we have only this single institution which is working for this field of hotel management and it is named as Pakistan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management. This institute is located in Karachi and if you want to study hotel management or if you want to study tourism, then you can take admission in this institute. This institute comprise of 17 different departments, 12 of the departments are linked to hotel management and rest of the 5 courses are linked to tourism section. Their courses duration start from 1 week and then last till 1 year.

Elementary Hotel Management Course
You can make your career in this field line, this course is a diploma level course and it has the duration of one year. You have to be intermediate passed if you want to get admission in this diploma level course program. This course will give you all basic information about the sections of hotel management. You will get the practical knowledge that how any one can work in the hotel side.

Food and Beverages Operation Field Line
This institute offer the course which is linked to food and beverages operation field line. This course has this duration of one year. From this course, you will get the info that how quality of any food dish or beverage can be assessed. You know about the quality measures and assessment, evaluation measures that how any food types or dish can be evaluated and how it can be brought up to the standard of a customer!

Advance Food Production Food Line
Now in this field line, you have to assess and figure that how much food is needed on the daily basis if you are working in any restaurant. You will be deciding the final menu and you will also decide that dishes should be added or canceled from the restaurant menu. Basically, you will make the menu card and you will come up with an estimated cost too that how much daily basis expenses have to be paid by the restaurant where you are working!

More details on Urdu career guide about scope of hotel management andĀ hospitality management in Pakistan will be put up very soon so remain contacted with us and our fb page.

Urdu Career Guide About Scope of Hospitality Management in Pakistan

Urdu Career Guide About Scope of Hospatility Management in Pakistan

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