What is International Monetary Fund? GK About IMF in Urdu & English

General Knowledge about International Monetary Fund (IMF)
The International Monetary Fund (IMF), this is a well reputed financial body organization which is mainly and basically composed of 189 countries. Its mission is to foster and improve the global monetary cooperation and also to secure financial stability. It is working on the primary mission to facilitate and help out the international trade process and to promote the aspect of high employment. This body goal is to work on the sustainable economic growth sides and at the same time to reduce poverty all around the world. It was in the year 1945 that this body was created and it is mainly and primarily governed by and too accountable to exact 189 countries. Let us have a look at the more GK facts on this organization:

Mission and Goals of International Monetary Fund IMF
One of the important goals of this IMF International Monetary Fund is to ensure the success and stabilize the growth of international monetary system side. Note down that this is the system of exchange rates and also international payments which enable and let countries to financially transact with each other. The International Monetary Fund mandate was updated right in 2012 year so that all of the macroeconomic sector issues and financial sector issues can be included and their global stability can be ensured. This IMF’s fundamental mission is to guarantee and ensure the stability and growth of the international monetary system on the similar note. This body do so by keeping the track of the global economy. It lend payments to the countries which face balance of payments issues and difficulties. It gives and hand over practical help to the rest of its members. Below you can read out more of the GK points on this financial body.

Working Mechanism of International Monetary Fund
This IMF organizations oversees and look after all of the international monetary system. It does monitor and evaluate the performances and positions of economic and financial policies of all of its 189 member countries. This body manages to highlight and identify the risks which comes to the economic stability modes of different countries and then recommend policy adjustments and recommendations to those countries. It gives loans to those member countries which are experiencing and facing actual or any of the potential balance of payments issues. In this way, those needy countries will get in a position to rebuild themselves and by getting these loans, they will be able to stabilize their currencies and too continue paying for their imports. By getting loans from IMF, those financially troubled countries will be able to restore their conditions so that they can achieve a strong economic growth.

International Monetary Fund And Pakistan
Pakistan is also among those countries which regular take loan from this IMF organization. Talking about the current Pakistan government perspective, they are of this belief that they will only take financial aid and loan from this body if their stated conditions and regulations will be at the beneficial part of their country economic side.

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What is International Monetary Fund? GK About IMF in Urdu & English

What is International Monetary Fund? GK About IMF in Urdu & English

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