What is Smog-Causes, Precautions, Effects & Treatment in Urdu & English

All About Smog in Urdu & English Languages Like Causes, Precautions, Effects & Treatment
For the information, smog is a mixture of liquid and also solid fog, it is a mixture of smoke particles. It is yellowish in tone. You can also call it as blackish fog. It actually suspends and remain there in the atmosphere. It also forms a somewhat kind of ceiling in air. This process happens whenever fume and emissions as well as particles of nitrogen, sulfur oxides and too volatile kind of organic compound have their reaction in presence of sunlight, this ground-level ozone known with the name of smog gets to form. It is these waste incinerators and burning of coal, it is these vehicular emissions and industrial emissions that create this smog. Smog usually get to form in dense in form urban areas. It is because of huge in number of traffic amount and industries, it is because of the combustion of fuel that smog get to form. From this page, you will have details about causes, precautions, effects and treatment related to smog.

Main Causes of Smog
These smog-forming pollutants that come from factories and consumer products, as well as pollutants that come from vehicles, they are one of the causative factors of this issue of smog. In these urban area, 50% of smog arises because of these vehicular emissions. There is a strong relationship right between weather patterns and these heavy motor vehicles product emissions.
Coal is the major cause of smog. These power-producing plants, they discharge large amount of concentrations and amounts of sulfur oxides right in atmosphere. This in return produce smog. This burning coal as well produce and come up with amounts of smoke and this in return leads to the production of smoggy environments.
All kinds of emissions that come from transportation sector like from cars and trucks and emission coming from buses and motorbikes, boats, they are one of the chief and main contributors to smog.
It might be because of the natural causes that smog arises. Due to the cause of volcanic eruption, plant life effects, smog get to form. Note that these volcanic eruptions, they discharge and produce extreme amounts of sulfur dioxide in the air and this sulfur dioxide is one of the primary and important constituents for smog.

Main Effects of Smog
We face issue of coughing and also irritation in our eyes. We face irritation in our chest and nosem in our throat. These high ozone levels, they can really irritate our respiratory system up to the maximum amount. Extreme exposure with smog can damage our lungs.
Asthma conditions get to rise because fo smog. We face difficulty while breathing. Issues like bronchitis and pneumonia, issues like emphysema and lung damage is associated with some effects.
Low birth weights and birth defects are the major effects of smog. This issue has been highly and much linked to birth defects, low birth weight. If pregnant women will be exposed to smog then their babies might face birth defects.

Precautionary Measures
You should keep your house doors and window all close. Keep mask on your face whenever you are out from your home. Keep your eyes covered. Always wash your eyes once you are in your home for multiple times.

Each one of you should take precautionary measures to fight back with this smog issue.

Qarshi Johar Joshanda is best remedy for countering the effects of smog.

Aconite 30 is a homeopathic medicine for the same purpose. Take one drop thrice in a day.

Ferrum Phos 6x is a biochemic salt (Biochemic medicines are part of homeopathy) which is also very useful for removing any kind of effects of smog. Take four tablets thrice in a day. Feel free to contact our medical team for free medical advice.

What is Smog-Causes, Precautions, Effects & Treatment

What is Smog-Causes, Precautions, Effects & Treatment

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